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Hate early. Must kill early.


The life of the party!


Lauren Graham, Peter Krause and Mae Whitman at NBC and Vanity Fair’s celebration of the start of the new TV season.


Make me choose » parrilla-lana asked: Emma and Charming or Emma and Henry?


#josh is all like srs business #daughter daughter concentrate #wait…who… do you want to be beheaded for distracting my daughter  #while jen is just there like hahahaha omg im a princess y’all

TV is my passion! I love Parenthood, Gilmore Girls, Once a upon a time, Friends, ER and lots more. Here you'll find
my gifs, videos, fan art etc. Along with other amazing gifs, pictures, general TV stuff from around the globe!

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Thanks to Cherrybam for the tumblr theme! And to who ever made the Lorelai Gilmore icon <3

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